Cleveland, Ohio - SEPTEMBER 2015 - On September 10, 2015 JIS, Division of Jergens, Inc. hosted a Technical Seminar. Special guest speakers from Jergens, Guhring and Ingersoll Cutting Tools spoke about industry-related topics.

The purpose of the seminar was to connect customers with important information that would benefit their companies and employees.

Representatives from the visiting vendors covered workholding, high performance drilling and tapping as well as milling. Throughout the day attendees spent breakswith our guest speakers asking valuable questions and making connections.
JIS is ecstatic with the turnout and reception from our attendees. We are always making an effort to educate our customers and provide resources for them to be productive and efficient.
We look forward to future events!

Event Highlight: Tri-Rivers Career Center Class Visit to JIS
We hosted over 60 customers for the event! We are very thankful for the support from our customers, and one particular RSVP we recieved.
Scott Jones, an educator from Tri-Rivers Career Center in Marion, Ohio signed up to bring his Advanced Machining class (image right) to our Seminar. This class is part of the RAMTECH program at the Career Center, a central hub for 9 surrounding schools. 5 juniors and 5 seniors are educated on how to work with all of the typical machines in most manufacturing shops and safety. Many of the graduating seniors have moved on to continue to work in the industry, and Scott believes he will see most if not all of his seniors continuing on in the field. 
RAMTECH has been recognized by the Society of Manufacturing Educational Foundation, Ohio Economic Development Association, Governor Kasich and the Ohio Department of Education. We were very happy to have such a great program at our facility in Cleveland, Ohio.  The young men were fantastic guests, participating in the Guhring class, lunch with other area professionals and completed their day with a tour of the Jergens, Inc. facility.
Jergens, Inc. is committed to the continuous education of young individuals and helping the industry to grow and thrive. We look forward to continuing to support young adults as they begin careers in the manufacturing industry.
Please visit http://tririvers.com/ to learn more about Tri-Rivers Career Center and the other programs the school provides young adults. To stay in touch with future JIS training events, please visit www.jis.com/about/servicesolutions.

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