One Coolant - All Applications

Industry: Aerospace, Defense & Power Generation
Machines: 40
Materials: Inconel, Titanium 6000/7000 Series Aluminum and Stainless steels

A contract customer with 40 machines to make parts for the aerospace, defense and power generation markets was having issues with:
  • Below average sump life and cleanliness
  • Aluminum staining
  • High usage & disposal
  • Their current coolant brand was lacking in technical support
The customer required one coolant to be suitable for all metallurgies and operations in the plant. HYSOL MB 50 was recommended due to its ability to provide multi-metal compatibility and application performance. This customer conducts milling, drilling and turning on titanium, inconel, stainless steel and aluminum. The Castrol product was tested for aluminum staining and machining performance on nickel alloys. Both tests were successful and the customer made the conversion to Castrol HYSOL MB 50.

After converting, the customer doubled their sump life, improved their cleanliness, stopped the aluminum staining and was provided with regular technical support. Operators and staff received training for proper housekeeping, personal hygiene and best practices for tramp oil removal and concentration control. Their Castrol representative monitors the sumps monthly and corrects make-up stations as needed, reporting all findings to plant management. 

The conversion also provided cost savings for the customer. Lower coolant consumption provided a $5,000 savings. Less disposal and handling saved $2,000 and reduced scrap & rework saved $9,000. The result was an annual savings of $16,000!

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