Performing a break-in on a new band saw blade will dramatically increase its life. New band saw blades have razor sharp tips on their teeth. Cutting pressure used in band sawing causes microscopic damage to these tips of the teeth, resulting in reduced blade life. Performing a break-in on a new band saw blade hones the tooth tips to form a micro-fine radius which relieves the cutting pressure and avoids the damage. 

How To Break In A Blade

The key is to maintain the proper band speed and adjust the feed rate down.  

1. Select the normal band speed

2. Reduce the feed force/rate
to achieve a cutting rate 20% to 50%
 of normal (soft materials require a larger feed rate reduction than harder metals).

3. Begin the first cut at the reduced rate.
Make sure the teeth are forming a chip.
Small adjustments to the band speed may be made in the event of excessive noise/vibration. 

4. During the first cut, increase feed rate/force slightly once the blade
fully enters the workpiece.

With each following cut, gradually increase feed rate/force
until normal cutting rate is reached. 


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