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Markers with different purposes are used in shops across the world. Are you currently ordering markers for your shop? JIS is currently running a promotion on three marker lines from Markal!
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Interested in learning more? JIS is releasing tech tips about the Pro Line HP and HT Liquid Paint Markers through the month of July!
ProLine HT Liquid Paint Marker
Got Heat? Having problems with Quality Control marks burning off surfaces? 
Not any more!
Markal Pro Line HT is a revolutionary new marking tool that is designated to survive extreme temperatures of 1800-2000 degrees! 
An aerospace supplier was having issues where the quality control marks were burning off at 1200 degrees - thus leaving all parts coming out of the annealing furnace virtually untraceable. There were many times where the wrong part ended up in the wrong place!
The Pro Line HT was able to solve all of these problems:
  • The marks last through heat treats
  • No more traceability issues

The right parts ended up in the right places thanks to the Markal Pro Line HT!


Any heat treat application that needs marks to last? 

The Pro Line HT is Right For The Job!

 Could the Pro Line HT help in your shop? Contact our Customer Service to order your products today! 

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