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ProLine HP Liquid Paint Marker
Marking on oily or dirty surfaces? Having problems with your current paint marker clogging up or barely leaving marks on your surfaces? Is EHS breathing down your neck trying to get all hazardous chemicals and hazardous air pollutants out of your facility? A conversion at a well known T1 Auotmotive parts supplier allowed Markal to solve both of these problems!
Quality control marks are pivotal to any manufacturing process. This particular manufacturer needed QC axels before they were delivered to the end user. The QC process in this case involved spinning the axle to check for trueness and leaving a mark. Only problem: the part was very oily and dirty. Current marking products were clogging and never left a good mark! This also meant users were never able to utilize all the pain in the marker (and they were losing money)! The other issue was the current product was a high VOX, xylene based product that EHS/Safety was not thrilled about. 


The Pro Line HP helped this manufactuer QC their parts to spec by utilizing the high performance paint that gets through the oil and dried on the surface being marked. The Pro Line HP also allowed the users to use all of the paint in the marker (no lost money)!


On top of it all, EHS/Safety loved the product because it was:

- Xylene Free

- Low Chloride

- Low Halogen

- California Prop 65 Compliant

- SARA 313 Compliant

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