Melin's VXMG High Performance
Variable Flute Endmills

Have you ever wanted to change your project's endmills to a tool with more flutes? Our recent promotion (available until March 31, 2015) is highlighting Melin's VXMG variable flute carbide endmills. View the promotion here!

Swtiching to an endmill with 5, 7 or 9 flutes can increase productivity, increase tool life and produce superior surface finishes!

The VMXG High Performance Endmill line from Melin gives outstanding performance in:

  • Titanium Alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alloyed Steel


TiN, Titanium Nitride Coating

This 5-flute,  variable flute tool takes over the vast majority of applications where a 4-flute tool is usually used, yet provides you 25-30% higher feed rates with its additional flute.  Capable of even slotting up to 1xD axial depth, this tool is an effective roughing, or semi-roughing cutter and is often considered the shop’s new “go-to” multi-flute carbide end mill – especially on the more difficult-to-machine materials.

Priced the same as Melin’s 4 flute version, you can remove more material faster, without paying more for the cutter.



TiN, Titanium Nitride Coating

While most use this unique 7-flute, variable flute tool for finishing operations, when used with high feed toolpath programs (HSM), this tool is a very effective high speed roughing tool. Taking light feed rates at extreme SFM, machining time can be reduced significantly without changing tools.

With its variable flute design and ability to eliminate chatter, the VXMG7 can even be effective on heavy cuts, up to .25D radial x .75D axial depths. 


AlTiN, Aluminum Titanium Nitride Coating

This 9-flute, variable flute cutter is an outstanding fine-finishing tool, providing surface finishes above 32 micro and maintaining tight perpendicularity tolerances on the wall. The best overall performance is achieved when taking a radial depth of cut < 10% of diameter – even at full length of cut.    



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