Z-WEB® Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok Discs

Surface conditioning abrasives are focused on finishing, blending and surface preperation applications on a variety of materials. Z-WEB­® Surface Conditioning products make tasks easier by rapidly and efficiently achieving final finishing of the part to be processed without damaging, by either excessive stock removal, overheating or smearing the base material. 


Customer Challenge:

A stainless steel, spin forming fabricator was faced with imperfections and scratches after smoothing tooling marks with traditional, single-layer, coated quick-lok discs. The coated abrasives could not reach all valleys and grooves left from the rolling tools, without gouging, causing inconsistencies in the surface finish. Z-WEB® Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok Discs were recommended, allowing the material to reach and conform to the subtle grooves, while not disrupting the structural tolerances of the fabricated parts.


As a secondary process to machining and fabrication, or even heavy grinding and stock removeal, Z-WEB® Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok Discs provide the aesthetic finishes necessary for painting, coating, or natural metallic surfaces.

With a balance of conformity and cut, Z-WEB® Surface Conditioning Quick-Lok Discs are well suited for a variety of applications, including aerospace, turbine engines, metal implants, medical instruments and metal fabrication, with continual grain exposure throughout product life. 

Z-WEB® Surface Conditioning products are also available in Discs, Wide Belts and Airfile Belts.


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