Applying a coating to a tool can increase feed rates and cutting speeds, while minimizing tool wear for a longer tool life.

Melin Tool Company offers coating services in-house at its state of the art PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating facility for customers’ convenience and fast turnarounds.

Below are the standard coatings available for end mills with tech tips on which coating works best for different applications and cutting materials.

Standard Coatings for End Mills

TiN, Titanium Nitride CoatingTiN – Titanium Nitride Coating
(Used for higher feeds and speeds)

TiN can be used for a range of applications, materials and cutting conditions.

  • Ideal for cutting iron-based materials, molding plastics and other components requiring resistance to abrasive and adhesive wear
  • Hardness – 2900HV, 24GPa
  • Thermal Stability – 1112F (600C)
  • Reduces wear for extended tool life
  • Improves chip formation

TiCN, Titanium Carbonitride CoatingTiCN – Titanium Carbonitride Coating

(Used for high speed cutting)

TiCN has an exceptional high hardness and low coefficient of friction coating for wear resistance and high speed cutting.

  • Ideal for high speed cutting alloy steels and stainless steels
  • Hardness - 4000HV, 37 GPa
  • Thermal Stability – 752F (400c)
  • Excels in applications that require high feed and speed rates
  • High lubricity facilitates chip flow, prevents build up and reduces cutting forces

AlTiN, Aluminum Titanium Nitride CoatingAlTiN – Aluminum Titanium Nitride Coating

(Similar features as TiAIN, Used for cutting at high temperatures)

As exposure to high temperatures increase with AlTiN, a hard aluminum oxide layer forms to insulate the tool and transfer heat into the chips making it ideal for high temperature cutting operations.

  • Ideal for high temperature cutting for the following materials: titanium, nickel alloys, Co-Cr-Mo, stainless steel, alloy steels and cast iron
  • Hardness - 4500HV, 38GPa
  • Thermal Stability - 1472F (800C)
  • Extremely tough coating that will withstand heavy and interrupted cuts
  • Excels in high speed and dry machining applications

To order standard coating, add TiN, TiCN or AlTiN upon check out in the Notes or
call a JIS Customer Representative at 888-486-2100.

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Other available Melin end mill coating capabilities include the following:

  • nACo - Aluminium Titanium Nitride + Silicon Nitride
  • Dia - CVD Diamond Coating
  • ZrN- Zirconium Nitride (ZrN)