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Advanced Chemical Solutions

Clean. Cool. Protect. Advanced Chemical Solutions is your source for metalworking fluid and coolant products.

Advanced Chemical Solutions helps to solve manufacturing lubrication challenges by being proactive and fixing issues before they become large problems. All products are designed to give outstanding bio resistance and great operator acceptance at reasonable costs. Customers can rely on many Advanced Chemical products to be the only machining coolant in a plant. Advanced Chemical also offers custom formulation for customers.

JIS is an official Authorized Distributor of Advanced Chemical products. We partner with Advanced Chemical Solutions in its commitment to solving customers' ever-increasing demands for greater productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness. JIS staff participate in regular technical training with Advanced Chemical Solutions in order to help customers find the best Advanced Chemical application solutions available.

Advanced Chemical Solutions was established in 2001 in Cleveland, Ohio. The two principals have over sixty years of practical field experience managing metalworking fluids and tooling. Advanced Chemical’s experience encompasses managing multiple large central systems for major automotive companies to small shops with a few machines.