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A True Partnership (Fullerton)

21st Jul 2019

A key to our success at helping customers excel in manufacturing is working in partnership with an elite group of core suppliers. As your partner in productivity, our goal is to find the best solution for your application. This month we are featuring our Core Supplier Fullerton. JIS and Fullerton have been working together to provide customers with solutions for many years. In 2014, that partnership on a project for a customer in Willoughby, Ohio helped JIS wn the American Eagle Excellence in Industry award from the Industrual Supply Association.

A True Partnership

A specialist in high-temperature alloy machining who had transitioned from manufacturing aerospace industry components to making gun parts for major firearms manufacturers.

After the transition, this customer found it difficult keeping up with larger orders. Due to the types of machines being used, a BT-30 spindle with linear guides made it dificult to make the heavier cuts or finish needed. In an additional stage of the manufacturing, speed and horsepower were limitations on live tooling.

Together, JIS and Fullerton evaluated this customer's process and determined that the problem stemmed from the tooling they were using in multiple stages of their manufacturing. For one portion of their process, Fullerton Tool designed a special form tool that was compatible with the machines that would provide an acceptable cycle time and finer finish. For the challenges stemming from the standard high-performance end mills, JIS and Fullerton tested various tools to eliminate non-productive cycles and find the best performance from the Fullerton tooling.

JIS wanted to provide more than just the correct tool for the customer. Productivity and efficiency comes from more than just tooling improvements. By providing a full service, JIS partnered with their trusted core supplier Fullerton to implement nearly $484,000 in savings for the customer.

In an article published by Industrial Supply magazine, Matt Schron, JIS General Manager explains "The relationship between customer, distributor, manufacturer's rep & manufacturer worked exactly the way it was supposed to. The word partnership is commonly used in our industry, however when a true partnership is formed at all levels of the supply chain, amazing things can happen."

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2014 issue of Industrial Supply magazine. Copyright 2014, Direct Business Media. Click here to read the full article and learn more about this project.

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