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Save Over 40% on Abrasive Spend (Weiler)

21st Jul 2019

A key to our success at helping customers excel in manufacturing is working in partnership with an elite group of core suppliers. As your partner in productivity, our goal is to find the best solution for your application. This month we are featuring our Core Supplier Weiler, and a Case Study on a Metal Foundry. In this article, we find out how Weiler Tiger Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheels helped this customer was able to achieve a 48% reduction in their production cost.

End User Comments:

"Tiger grinding wheels are aggressive
and maintain their grinding edge
hroughout the life of the wheel"

With competitors wheels, 5 operators, grinding 8 hour shifts, 6 days a week used 600 wheels per month. On average, 3 parts were completed per wheel.

Solution: After testing several grinding wheels, the foundry converted to Weiler Tiger Aluminum Oxide 9" grinding wheels. By converting to Tiger grinding wheels the foundry was able to finish 5 parts per wheel, saving approximately $1,100 per month. In addition, grinding time was reduced.

Result: The metal foundry's consumable abrasives cost went from $2.18 per finished part to $1.15 per finished part, a 48% reduction.

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Article Resource: Weiler

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