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Tool Change Cuts Cycle Time Down by 25% (Horn USA)

21st Jul 2019

We often learn from the experiences of our suppliers in the field. We are fortunate enough to be able to share that information with our customers, so they can also benefit from our partners' expertise.This month, JIS is featuring Horn USA & how they were able to work with a customer to provide a solution for a problem they were having.

Tool Change Cuts Cycle time Down by 25%


Cambron Engineering, based in Bay City, Michigan found their already full backlog of work overloaded when their outsourcing vendors would not accept the time-consuming machining of a part.

The part in question is an Inconel® 600 (nickel, chromium, iron) disk of eight feet in diameter and 1.875" thick used as tube sheets in a shell and tube exchanger.

Photo Credit: Horn USA, Inc

The part requires 1400 1.5" holes to be drilled in the disk with 2 0.126" wide X 0.015" deep grooves milled into the holes. Running at 750 rpm and 9 IPM, the machining of the grooves each took about 30 seconds, accumulating to 19 hours of the part's total 80-hour machining time, making Cambron look to address the cycle time issues.


Horn Application Engineer Brett Krischnick came to the Cambron facility to answer questions about lathing when the cycle time and tool life issues with the part were mentioned. Horn proposed using a larger tool diameter, just 4mm larger with 12 cutter teeth instead of 3. This allows the feed rate to be increased 400 percent to 36 IPM and the tool stays cooler with the smaller teeth width which allows the tool to last longer at 45 minutes.

This instance shows that anytime a large chunk of cycle time can be cut through a tool size change, it can be a real game changer.

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Article Resource: Horn USA, Inc

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