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Castrol Industrial brings you 100+ years of experience in high performance lubricants and metalworking fluids.  Always focused on the specific challenges facing our broad range of customers, Castrol and JIS partner to provide the solution tailored specifically to your needs with our proven offering including lubricants, metalworking fluids, cleaners, corrosion preventives and more.

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The Castrol line of lubricants includes chain oils, gear oils, greases, spindle oils, hydraulic oils, fire resistant hydraulic fluids, circulation oils, sideway lubricants and compressor oils.


The Castrol line of metalworking fluids includes neat oils, synthetic coolants, soluble coolants and deformation.


Cleaners are growing in importance as cleanliness requirements have increased. The Castrol line includes aqueous process cleaners, hydrocarbon solvent cleaners and maintenance cleaners.


Reliable protection of finished parts is a must. That is why Castrol offers solvent-based dewatering corrosion preventives, neat corrosion preventive oils and aqueous corrosion preventives.

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