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LMT Fette © USA products are recognized as market leaders for increasing productivity, tool life and overall tool performance. LMT Fette© specializes in applications where the strengths of all six companies offer customers unrivaled solutions. These specialties include:LMT FETTE is a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision milling tools, thread rolling systems as well as taps, forming taps and thread mills.

  • Automotive Components
  • Mold and Die Solutions
  • Threaded Products
  • Steel and Tube Processing
  • Gear Cutting
  • Cutting Tool Recondition

JIS is an official Authorized Distributor of LMT Fette. We partner with LMT Fette in its commitment to continually provide industry leading technologies and the best customer service possible. JIS staff participate in regular technical training with LMT Fette in order to help customers find the best LMT Fette application solutions.

The thread rolling process is significantly faster for producing external threads and, because the material is cold formed under mechanical pressure, provides a stronger thread with an improved burnished surface finish.



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