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Parlec was established in 1948. Since then the company has developed products and services which have become well known and recognized in the industry. 
Parlec is a Worldwide Leader in Tooling and Presetting Solutions.

We are committed to being your Total Machining Solution. Through technological innovations, engineering support, and product variety, Parlec and JIS are able to assist you in assuring that your manufacturing process is cost-effective and delivers the highest quality product.

Parlec more than meets the demanding requirements of the world's foremost manufacturers. From automotive to aerospace and defense. From the medical devices that help us live longer, healthier lives to the heavy equipment that shapes our landscape and the energy systems that power our world.

No matter what the application, when precision is critical, when quality matters, when customer satisfaction counts, manufacturers depend on Parlec machine tool accessories. Wherever you find challenging alloys being transformed into highly engineered components, chances are you'll find Parlec at work.

JIS is an official Authorized Distributor of Parlec. We partner with Parlec in its commitment of being a Total Machining Solution. 
JIS staff participates in regular technical training with Parlec in order to help customers find the best Parlec application solutions available.

More information about Parlec

Parlec begins producing and distributing the Numertap and Autofacer product lines. Parlec expands its product line with the introduction of Toolholders, which are sold as Numertap and Autofacer accessories. Parlec begins to manufacture and distribute its own line of Boring Tools. Parlec further enhances its product line to include Workholding.

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