Our core suppliers are experts at what they do. We often learn from their experiences in the field. We are fortunate enough to be able to share that information with our customers, so they can also benefit from our partners' expertise.This month, JIS is featuring DESTACO & an example of a situation where they were able to work with a customer to provide a solution for a problem they were having.
Productivity Increase
from Custom Modifications

Photo Credit: DESTACO

An Automotive/Transportation customer needed to 
assemble a product by placing it in a specific position to complete their assembly. The customer was completing the process manually, resulting ergonomic & effciency issues. The manual process included actuating a pivot mechanism that held some parts in place. This process additionally was limiting the space available to the customer. 

DESTACO partnered with the customer to customize a model 331 pull action clamp that would actuate a pivot mechanism that was able to correctly and consistently hold their parts as the assembly process continued. This change to their assembly was able to provide the customer with a 20% increase in productivity and was able to remove the ergonomic issues they were facing. 

Article Source: DESTACO

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