Frank Whalen Sales ManagerCleveland, Ohio - April 25, 2013 - JIS is pleased to announce two more key additions to the sales and management team. Brothers Frank and Mike Whalen are now part of the JIS team. They joined the company in January as part of the John M. Allen Company (JMA) acquisition. The Whalen family owned and managed JMA for 30 of the company’s 60 years of existence. Frank Whalen, Sr. was the president of JMA for 22 years, with sons Frank and Mike taking over ownership and management in 2004. JIS acquired assets of the John M. Allen Company in January of this year.

Frank Whalen is the new Outside Sales Manager for the northern territory. In this role, Frank is responsible for managing a team of JIS outside sales representatives and handling a few key corporate customer accounts. Building core supplier relationships and JIS brand awareness, in addition to working to bring new customers to JIS, are also key responsibilities. Frank’s territory of responsibility covers Solon and Mentor to the east and Toledo and the surrounding suburbs to the west. Frank was most recently the president and owner of the John M. Allen Company, and during his 28-year tenure with the company he also worked as a CSR, salesman and sales manager. Frank says, “The JIS staff has made the transition from employer to employee as smooth as possible, and I truly appreciate all of their help and understanding. I look forward to continuing my new career with the Jergens family and employees.”

Mike Whalen Inside Sales & ServiceMike Whalen has joined the JIS team as the new Inside Sales and Service Manager. In his management role, Mike is responsible for providing the leadership, guidance, and tools to organize and direct the marketing team to present the outstanding features of JIS, our suppliers, and our products and to help build the JIS brand. Mike is also tasked with the direction of the inside sales representative team to establish sales concepts, develop sales lead generation and development techniques, and establish and instruct on cross sell and upsell opportunities particularly as it relates to e-commerce web sales opportunities. In the coming months, Mike will also be responsible for developing a coolant testing program and revitalizing the JIS TREC tool reconditioning program. As the former VP and owner of the John M. Allen Company he has a 20-year record of strong business development, sales and management skills which resulted in a high level of success. Mike values family as his greatest asset, and is now excited and proud to continue his career as a valued member of JIS and the rest of the Jergens family.

Both Frank and Mike bring with them a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. The success of the John M. Allen Company is a testament to their commitment and tenacity in the manufacturing industry in the sales of machine tools, cutting tools, machining fluids, and the supply, implementation, management, training and maintenance of tooling inventory dispensing machines. Both hold positions in JIS that have been newly created in order to support company growth.

JIS has seen sales growth over the past few years despite poor economic conditions as a result of developing new key core supplier relationships with industry heavy-hitters such as SECO and the IMC Group (Iscar, Ingersoll and Tungaloy), substantial growth in the consignment vending program and being named as an AutoCrib Premier Vendor for two years in a row, the addition of MRO products and supplies to the JIS catalog, as well as the acquisitions of the assets of the George Whalley Company (Cutting Tool Division) in 2010 and most recently the John M. Allen Company in January. JIS also recently launched its new e-commerce website at www.jis.com which will allow the company to expand its reach in industrial distribution.

On the personnel side, since 2010 JIS has added several new outside sales representatives to handle expanding territories, customer service representatives to handle increasing customer service requirements, an inside sales and marketing team, and other support personnel. With the addition of Frank Whalen to the sales management team in January, Mark Pierson, 15-year JIS sales and management veteran, was promoted to Senior Outside Sales Manager, responsible for managing a team of outside sales representatives in the southern territory. In this position – a new addition to the JIS management structure – Mark also continues to play a critical key role in the development of JIS business relationships with customers and suppliers overall while working closely with Frank as he develops in his management of the expanding northern territory.

About JIS
JIS, Division of Jergens, Inc., is Ohio’s largest, most technical distributor of metalworking products, with quick delivery and a 1,000-square-foot showroom representing over 300 of the top manufacturers in the United States. The company’s website offers online ordering capabilities to customers nationwide. JIS is a division of Jergens, Inc., leading manufacturer of standard tooling components, fasteners, hoist rings, vices, and other workholding equipment.