Cleveland, OH – October 2018 – JIS, Division of Jergens, Inc. is pleased to announce one of our team members is stepping into a new role. Steve Valentine has been chosen as our Inventory Management Solutions Manager.

Steve has been part of the JIS team for over 5 years. His previous positions have included our Warehouse team, and our previously branded Vending Solutions/Consignment department (now known as the Inventory Management Solutions Team).

In his new position, Steve will be working with the group to create and continue developing processes and projects that will help improve the JIS Inventory Management Solutions. These areas include, but are not limited to the AutoCrib vending systems & the JIS Express IoT buttons that JIS currently deploys and manages in the field.

Steve is excited to help create processes and continually improve functions that help support JIS customers and keep them producing efficiently. He is also enthusiastic about working with the “IMS”(Inventory Management Solutions) Team and seeing the growth they accomplish together.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at JIS, he had three answers. First, the opportunities provided to grow within the organization. Second, he enjoys working in a team environment. Lastly, the people. He feels that the JIS team is committed and supportive, which greatly improves the opportunities to be successful at the challenges that present themselves.

You can reach Steve via email at steven.valentine@jis.com or via phone at (216) 706-6523.

JIS is very excited to be a part of Steve’s continued development and to see how he leads the Inventory Management Solutions team.

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