JIS represents over 300 of the industry’s top suppliers to the workholding, metal cutting, and tool & die industry. But a key to our success at helping customers excel in manufacturing is working in partnership with an elite group of core suppliers. As your partner in productivity, our goal is to find the best solution for your application. With the additional expertise of our suppliers, we have the insight needed to assist with your challenges. Here is an example of how one of our Core Suppliers, Tungaloy, was able to improve a customer’s productivity and reduce costs.
Efficient High-Feed Milling: DoFeed

Tungaloy’s DoFeed has transformed the way manufactures think about milling. These versatile tools offer many more advantages than any other milling tool: dramatically reduced cycle time and cost, long tool life, and high quality of finished parts. Additionally, the tools are easy on machines and applicable for various materials.

In today’s hypercompetitive machining market, cycle time plays a major role in productivity and often determines profitability of a given job. Simply increasing the speed or revolutions per minute (RPM) may appear to decrease the cycle time. However, reduction in cycle time would be converted to time to change inserts since the increased speed or RPM shortens tool life, which increases to tool cost at the same time.
See the below example where the Tungaloy DoFeed helped a customer achieve elevated feed rates, reduced cycle times and extended tool life.

Case Story: Aerospace Industry
Workpiece: End fitting
Material: Ti-6AI-4V
Cutter: EXNO3RO25M25.0-05
Cutting Condition:
            Vc = 40 m/min (131.2 sfm)
            fx = 0.707 mm/t (0.028 ipt)
            Vf = 1800 mm/min (70.866 ipm)
            ap = 0.8 mm
            ae = 5 – 25 mm
Machine: Horizontal M/C
Coolant: Wet

Result: DoFeed prevents chip welding and peeling-off of coating, which provides long tool life. The number of the parts DoFeed machines is 2.5 times more than the competitor due to sharp ML chipbreaker and tough AH130 grade.

The DoFeed was the solution for this problem, as the tool works at elevated feed rates with modest speed or RPM. It also provides a reduced cycle time as well as extended tool life. Its ability to produce a high productivity in machining of titanium at high feed and speed is another benefit, due to the close-pitch design of the cutter body.

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