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Inventory Management Solutions

Looking for ways to reduce costs? Need a better way to manage your inventory levels? Looking to integrate your processes and provide an efficiency boost to your facility? JIS has developed different levels of inventory support. Choose from a simple push-button reordering system to a complete customized solution.

The JIS Difference

Free Delivery

Your products are delivered & loaded into your machine for no additional charge

Delivered on scheduled day

Utilizing on-site JIS personnel to manage receiving and replenishment

Consolidation of non-vending shipments are available

Dedicated Account Management

Daily monitoring of transactions

Our team can analyze your historical item usage and make recommendations

Service & Support

Our staff is trained to respond quickly to the needs of our customer, assuring limited disruptions in service

All repairs are done in-house - no lengthy downtime

We have over 100 years of combined on-hand shop experience employed to provide cost savings and process improvements

Technical Training Services

Partner with leading suppliers to provide

on-site training at no additional cost

Better trained employees lead to better production, cost savings & higher quality products

Usage Tracking

Review usage by employee, item, dept or job

Control & monitor your staff's access to supplies

Real time access to tool consumption data

Customized reports

100% Accessibility

Consigned Inventory

No up front cost

Products available

Lower overall operating cost solution

Customer is not billed until the point of use in monthly consolidated invoices

Billing on Replenishment

Use current inventory to stock vending machine

Products inside vending machine or on the JIS Express program are owned by customer

Customer is invoiced at the time of replenishment

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