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Cost Savings and Efficiency at the Push of a Button

19th Aug 2019

Customer Profile:
A major tooling component manufacturer located in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in the 1940’s, they assisted in war production for The United States during World War II. Being an ISO certified company, they pride themsel
ves on creating high-quality and effective parts for all of their customers.

Our customer, a large, diversified tooling component manufacturer was experiencing a lack of efficiency and organization with their inventory control and management. The company’s initial process was focused around manually counting and ordering inventory. Their process began with a handwritten list of the inventory that needed to be ordered. This list then traveled through several different employees before finally reaching the individual responsible for ordering the required inventory. All of these steps were estimated to take roughly about 8 hours of time to complete, costing the company anywhere from $200-$600. This process resulted in poor organization and created excess inventory that lead to greater inefficiency within the company, which was costing them both time and money.

A specifically concerning issue for our customer was their need for inventory consolidation. They were storing a number of products that all served similar, if not the same functions. Consequently, they would often be faced with the decision to eliminate some of these products because they were exceeding their shelf life. The company therefore, wanted to focus on an initiative that would not only improve their inventory process, but also contribute to their long-term goals within the company.

JIS Solution
Jeff Hogya, JIS Senior Sales Manager, proposed a solution that would drastically cut their inventory restock time and quickly increase their productivity. He proposed the addition of JIS Express, an award-winning inventory management solution that allows the customer to manage and order their inventory with the use of a Wi-Fi enabled button installed directly into their facility. When the customer’s employee presses the button, the button sends a signal directly to the JIS ERP System, EPICOR’s Prophet 21, where it then proceeds to further inventory ordering. With JIS Express, the customer has seen a significant reduction in ordering time, meaningful cost savings, and a more consolidated inventory.

It's a lifesaver!
-Maintenance Manager

About the Product
With more than 400 buttons deployed in the field, JIS Express is just beginning to gain traction and solidify itself as an emerging leader in inventory management solutions. Since its inception in 2017, JIS has been awarded The Epicor 2018 Global Customer Excellence Award, a 2019 Manufacturing Leadership Award, and a 2019 MDM Digital Innovator Award. As of June 2019, the positive feedback that JIS Express received resulted in a substantial sales growth of 30% within the last 6 months.

The JIS Express button itself, is very flexible and adaptable to customer needs. Currently, the button is just being used for MRO, PPE, metalworking, coolant, and abrasive products, but it has the potential to be applied to many other inventory applications.

During the implementation of JIS Express, we were able to gather the correct information needed in order to record the overall impact and effectiveness of the product. Here is a summary of the results recorded:
Customer was able to shorten a previously 8-hour maintenance inventory task into just 20 minutes with JIS Express, saving their company roughly $200-600 per shift.
• Operation cost savings of roughly $200 per purchasing order.
• Eliminated the customer’s issue of overstocking unneeded inventory.
• Minimized customer’s downtime and kept their productivity at a maximum.
• Eliminated their previous process of counting and hand-written logs.
• Consolidated items within customer’s inventory that contained overlapping functions into a smaller set of products that can achieve the same goals.
• Overall improvement of the customer’s inventory management and control.

Learn more about this award-winning service here.