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Cost Savings Case Study with Iscar SUMOCHAM

16th Mar 2021


JIS partnered with Iscar Cutting Tools to help a forge shop located in Cleveland, Ohio improve one of their drilling applications.

A JIS customer since 1994, this forge shop is a leading manufacturer of critical fasteners used in Military Marine, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Heavy Construction, Hydropower and other infrastructure industries.

An indexable drill from Iscar’s SUMOCHAM series was tested against a competitor’s solid carbide drill. This case study outlines the tests that were conducted, the result of those tests and how JIS was able to provide the customer with an overall savings of 54.7%.


The customer’s application was drilling blind holes into Monel k-500. The drilled holes needed to have a diameter of 0.25 In and a depth of 0.85 In. This specific application yields 200 parts per month.


The customer was unhappy with the tool life of the drills they were using. JIS representatives take into account all aspects of the facility and process surrounding the application, and were able to identify additional opportunities to provide cost-savings in shortening tooling change time.

Our team member, along with the Iscar representative recommended the SUMOCHAN indexable drill line. Specifically, the DCN 0236-118-050A-5D indexable drill and ICM 0250 IC908 inserts. 


During testing, the DCN 0236-118-050A-5D performed well against the competitor drill. The Iscar tooling increased holes drilled by 30% and provided a 35% longer tool life. In addition to longer tool life, the choice of indexable tooling cut tool replacement time by 80%.

When breaking down the overall savings of tooling and machine costs, the customer saw a savings of 54.7% overall. This single change in tooling gave them over $12,000 in yearly savings!

Each win for our customers is a win for us, as their Partner in Productivity. We combine our technical knowledge with the expertise of our Core Supplier Representatives to find the best option for our customers. 

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